Trading BTC

How to trade bitcoin at BearsMarkets:


Bitcoin is a virtual currency that appeared a few years ago and, like other real currencies, has its own live exchange rate. We therefore propose to discover here how this currency is quoted and especially how to practice Bitcoins trading in real time thanks to the different speculation solutions, to take advantage of its very high volatility.

What is bitcoins:

Bitcoins are a kind of virtual currency that was introduced in 2009. This digital currency is today the first decentralized Peer to Peer payment network with no central authority. It is not governed by any specific banking system. In some cases, bitcoins could be compared to digital cash.

On the Internet, bitcoins are often called “BTC” or “XBT”.

The number of bitcoins in circulation on the market is limited to 21 million units, but one of its particularities is that it is likely to be affected by certain events on the stock or commercial markets. It is therefore an extremely speculative asset.

People who want to use bitcoins must have a digital wallet or go through an exchange. Bitcoins are used to buy all kinds of things, products as a service. As bitcoins are increasingly used, their general trend remains bullish in the long run.

Also, in Canada or the United States, there are hundreds of Bitcoin distribution points. We also see that more and more merchant sites or e-commerce accept bitcoins as payment currency on the Internet or physically.

Bitcoins can be exchanged between individuals, between professionals or individuals, on the internet or against real currencies such as the dollar or the euro taking into account the exchange rate. This is the reason why it is possible to trade bitcoins since they have become an asset in their own right with a price that is experiencing bullish and bearish trends but above all, it enjoys very high volatility.

Many investors have already made the choice to invest in bitcoins by speculating on the evolution of their prices through CFDs or other trading instruments or financial investment products.

Who is Bitcoin trading for in real time?

Any private investor as a professional has the opportunity to trade on the course of Bitcoin live. This price is indeed quoted on the financial markets, just like the other stock values ​​and it is therefore possible to use online trading taking advantage of the very significant volatility of this currency.

For this, it is simply necessary to access by a simple registration to BearsMarkets. Of course, you will have to have some basics in technical and fundamental analysis to anticipate the future movements of this asset.


How to trade Bitcoin at BearsMarkets:

As we just explained, it is possible to trade Bitcoins live from the online trading platform. By choosing BearsMarkets this allows you to take a position to buy or sell on Bitcoin, and sell your position when its course has reached a sufficiently interesting gap, to pocket the profits.

How is the emission and listing of bitcoins?

One might wonder how bitcoins are issued since they do not represent a physical currency and are not regulated by any banking authority such as a central bank. In reality, bitcoins are created by computer software with an innovative algorithm that allows, among other things, to limit the quantity of these payment units on the market. When it was created, bitcoin was defined on the basis of a finite model of 21 million units in total.

But the software used to issue bitcoins is programmed to undermine bitcoins regularly and at a decreasing rate, while respecting a specific cycle. Thus, from 2009 to 2013, the software issued 50 additional bitcoins every 10 minutes. Subsequently and since January 2013, the software issues 25 bitcoins every 10 minutes. The amount of bitcoins issued over the same period will therefore continue to decline over time. Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular around the world today.

But what about the rating of this virtual currency? Bitcoins are quoted on the open market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). This listing, like that of any asset on the market, is governed by the relationship between supply and demand and shows very significant volatility. This is the reason why we have seen a rise in the price of bitcoin many times as in 2013 with a price above $ 1,000 or more than an ounce of gold. He has, of course, since then lost some of the points earned and then again crossed the $ 1,000 mark in 2017 and finally reached $ 19873 on December 17, 2017.

What are the advantages of trading online bitcoins?


It is not without reason that more and more investors are turning to online bitcoin trading today. Indeed, the speculation on this type of asset remains particularly interesting and shows many advantages that we propose to discover here in more detail:

First, it is important to understand that the bitcoin volume is fixed and that it is therefore not possible to create new bitcoin volumes as can be done with traditional currencies. The maximum volume of bitcoins in circulation on the market is in fact capped at 21 million units. The system also plans to halve the number of bitcoins created every 4 years with the attainment of this ceiling of 21 million Bitcoins by the year 2140. The demand for crypto currencies and especially for bitcoins is rising sharply. and its production very limited and framed, it goes without saying that the trend of the price of this asset is likely to be bullish in the coming years.

We also know that more and more Internet users are using bitcoin as a bargaining chip to pay for their online purchases. Experts in this field predict a significant increase in the use of these dematerialized currencies in the future which should allow a new surge in prices.

Bitcoin also has a major advantage by benefiting from its status as a precursor in the world of cryptocurrencies. Because of its age, it is the virtual currency for which we find the most applications and can be used on most sites around the world. Even today, bitcoin is the crypto currency with the highest market capitalization. Despite some shortcomings highlighted during its debut on the market, Bitcoin remains today the leader in its sector of activity and manages to retain massively its users.

Bitcoin also has a significant advantage for seasoned investors who can use this asset to diversify their investment portfolio. This is the reason why many traders invest in bitcoin in parallel with their current investments. It is also increasingly seen as a reserve currency, as is the Yuan, which has enjoyed this status for some years now, even though this status has not yet been acquired. It should be noted that the major central banks are also becoming increasingly interested in bitcoin as a portfolio diversification asset, such as the Central Bank of Barbados, which suggests that it could incorporate bitcoin into its system. reserve currency portfolio.