Steps to follow

Steps to follow 


Firstly, you must open a trading account, we then advise you to take the time to carry out yours analyzes carefully taking into account the technical indicators and the news of these markets and using the tools made available by us- even.

You will then be able to set up a real investment strategy on cryptocurrencies, depending on the results obtained during yours analyzes and your forecasts as to the evolution of their course.

From your strategy, you will then place a buy or sell order by choosing the size of your position and placing close orders at the low and high prices that you think are probative. You can of course close your positions manually by clicking on a single button, either because the price of your cryptocurrency has reached the objective that you have set or to cut your losses in the case where its course evolves in the opposite direction of the one you bet on.


  1. Please note that during times of high volatility, our minimum spreads may increase significantly.
  2. Business customers are not subject to the regulatory restrictions in force for individual customers, thus enabling them to benefit from reduced coverage rates.

Bears Market policy on block chain forks

The listing of our cryptocurrency contracts is based on the underlying markets, which we access through the stock exchanges and market-makers with which we invest.

Typically, cryptocurrency users quickly agree on an official version to use, causing only minimal disruption. The old version of the block chain is then dropped.

In the event that a version is not abandoned (we speak then of “hard fork”), we will generally choose the block chain which makes consensus with the majority of the users of crypto-currencies. We will therefore use this block chain to define the value of our cryptocurrency contracts.

If the “hard fork” results in a second viable cryptocurrency, we may, in our sole discretion, create an equivalent position on our clients’ account to reflect its value. However, we want to make it clear that we have no obligation to do so. In the situation where a second cryptocurrency would be made available on the stock exchanges to which we have access, we will endeavor to reflect its value, either by allowing you to close your positions at this level, or by making a monetary adjustment. If, within a reasonable time, the second cryptocurrency is not made available on stock exchanges or is deemed unsustainable as a currency (for example if it is not mined), we may delete Any open position previously that has no value on your account. We will then take all possible measures to inform you.

When a hard fork takes place, it can cause significant volatility. For this reason, we may temporarily suspend trading if we do not have access to reliable prices from the underlying market.

We will endeavor to warn you if a fork could occur. However, it is your responsibility to keep abreast of such eventuality.