Security blockchain

Security blockchain


Block chain is a technology that can structure data, identify and track transactions, and share information across a distributed network of computers, creating a “distributed trust network”. Founding crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, the Block chain provides a transparent and secure way to track asset ownership and transfer.

The technology makes it possible to share a large digital book on a computer network without the need for a central authority and without any party being able to alter a file, which is why it is considered as the most potential technological innovation. important since the internet.

Securing exchanges from cryptocurrencies is based on a complex digital architecture based essentially on block chains. The block chain allows a decentralized management of the currency without a trusted third party, in contrast to the hierarchical and centralized systems of official currencies.

The data is grouped into successive blocks on which all the information relating to the transactions made is stored. These blocks are linked to each other and numbered. A cryptographic link is established between each block and the next.

The numerical representation of crypto-active is often operated using digital tokens. It is a digital representation of value, fungible and divisible, can circulate on the Internet and be exchanged peer-to-peer without mandatory proof of identity and with a purpose of payment.

All the transactions registered in the block chains of the famous block chain come from the work of mining of money. Specifically, the mining job is to write the transactions in a block using the computing power of its computer equipment. When a block is completed, it must be validated by all the computers that make up the network of bitcoins, ethereums or others. This process is neither more nor less than a series of more or less complex calculations depending on the popularity of cryptocurrency. Anyone can generate cryptocurrency and get paid for this work, but the more money is known, the more it attracts minors and the more it requires high-end hardware with enormous computing power.