How to pay by bank transfer?

We accept bank transfers from 1000 €. Given the delivery time (1 to 3 working days), we can not guarantee the instantaneous value in bitcoin or ether. This will be calculated automatically according to the price on the day of the receipt of the bank transfer in our account.

Do you accept prepaid cards?

We can not guarantee that a prepaid card will be accepted on our site, it depends entirely on the blue card mark in question.

Can I pay with a non-EUR card?

Yes, if it is 3D secure. Your bank will likely charge an additional exchange fee

What documents do I need to provide to validate my account?

The following documents are mandatory: – your identity document or passport (double-sided) – a selfie holding you your ID – proof of residence (invoice electricity, gas, telephone …) The files must be images in JPG or PNG format, maximum 5MB each. We do not accept PDFs or compressed files (ZIP, RAR …). Poor (blurred, illegible) or low resolution photos will be rejected.

How long will my account be validated?

On average, on working days, count a few hours maximum. Otherwise, count 24h.

Can I buy ether (ETH)?

You can buy ether (ETH, for Ethereum) by credit card or bank transfer on our website. The commissions are the same.

When will I receive my bitcoins or ether?

The sending of the bitcoins is immediate after the validation of your payment.

Is it possible to sell BTC / ETH for EUR?

Yes, we buy your bitcoins or ether and we pay you by SEPA transfer (count between 1 and 7 days to receive the funds).

How do I get help for support?

Send us an email at [email protected]