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OWNERSHIP OF SITE : Bearsmarkets is the Trading Name operated by Danha Solutions KFT a company incorporated under the laws of Hungary and having its registered office in Lechner Odon Fasor 9. Budapest Hungary. Regulation Number : 26527866241


The company Bearsmarkets.com, hereinafter referred to as the “seller”, specializes in the buying and crypto currency including Bitcoin, hereinafter “BTC”. Bearsmarkets.com purchases crypto-currencies on any dedicated exchange platform or generates them via its mine to resell them to individuals or professionals in particular on its Website at the address “Bearsmarkets.com”. The present general terms and conditions of sale, hereafter CGV, are intended to formalize the contractual relationship between Bearsmarkets.com and its Consumer customers and 18-year-olds, hereinafter the “Buyer”. The seller has a Website through which the buyer can place an order for the purchase Bitcoin offered for sale by the seller. The legal information is given at the end of the present GTC.


The following terms, when used with or without capitalization in this Agreement, have the following meanings, provided that the definition given for a term applies, whether the term is used in the singular or plural, masculine or feminine. The reference to any legal norm must be understood as referring to the law and the French law, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Wallet address: Also bitcoin address or public key, means any alphanumeric sequence generated from the calculation of a public and private key on the initiative of the buyer in order to receive Bitcoins in the same way as an electronic address must- be created to receive or send an e-mail message. To create a Bitcoin address, simply read our section guide »Wallet» e. The Bitcoin address is characterized by a public key and a private key, it being specified that the public key is visible to all users while the private key is secure and must never be disclosed. The disclosure of his private key would mean communicating the secret code of his credit card.

Bitcoin (BTC): means the “crypto currency” stored on a digital medium and allowing a community of users to exchange goods and / or services between themselves without resorting to a legal tender (the euro for example) .To purchase or receive BTC, the buyer must have a “Bitcoin Address”. crypto currency is created by its users or “Miners” and for this reason in particular it does not benefit from any guarantee other than the confidence that the community of the investors grants to him. In other words, this cryptomony may increase or decrease in a totally unpredictable manner. By way of illustration, as of 31 December 2013, a Bitcoin was worth US $ 807. As at July 31, 2014, it was worth US $ 562.84 and finally to January 1, 2017 more than US $ 1,000. The particularity of this cryptomony is based on its limited quantity by the computer program which allows to generate them automatically by the algorithm of the system. Indeed, the program limits to 21 million the number of Bitcoin to create what ensures its ultimate, its scarcity. This virtual currency therefore makes it possible to purchase goods and / or services between all the users possessing a Bitcoin Address and in particular with the Merchants or Public or private institutions which accept this method of payment.

Hackers: means any person who fraudulently enters the computer system of another person (hacker) and commits unlawful acts punishable by law.
CGV: means the present terms and conditions of sale which are available online on the Seller’s Website at the following address.
Trade: means any manifestation of will of the buyer in order to buy crypto currency, put on sale by the seller on his Web Site.
Consumer: means within the meaning of the new provisions of the Hamon Law 2014-344 of 17 March 2014, any natural person who acts for purposes that are not part of his commercial, industrial, craft or liberal activity.
Email: means email or e-mail.
Double click: means the process of validating an order placed on the website of the seller. At the first click, the buyer verifies the content of the trade materialized by the appearance of a page that summarizes its order. In the event of an error in particular, the buyer has the right to correct his order by going back by clicking on the button “modify my trade”. Once the buyer has made sure that his trade corresponds to what he has chosen, a second page appears which allows to validate the order definitively by a second click or “double-click”.
Force majeure: means any exceptional circumstance which renders impossible the performance of an obligation borne by one of the Parties. Under the terms of these Terms and Conditions, Force Majeure will be retained if it alternately displays the characters of unpredictability, irresistibility or exteriority.
18 years old: means any person capable of exercising and enjoying his or her rights within the meaning of article 414 of the Civil Code. Any person domiciled or residing in French territory can not contract with the seller if this person has not reached the age of 18 years, regardless of his personal status conferred by a law other than the French law and without this obligation may give rise to the application of the provisions of Article L.122-1 of the Consumer Code.
Miners or Miners: means the community of creators of Bitcoins.
Crypto currency: means according to the AMF, “any unregulated and digital currency, issued and generally controlled by its developers, used and ac

1.Object of the CGV

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is the sale of cryptomonas by the seller to major purchasers of 18 years at a price fixed by the seller and payable in euro (€). The wind intervenes remotely on the Website of the seller at the address “http://Bearsmarkets.com”.
These T & Cs are applicable to the online sale of crypto currency on the Website of the vendor at the following address, “http://Bearsmarkets.com”. Access to the Seller’s website is free. Any major purchaser of 18 who wishes to place an order must first open a free account online or when validating the order by completing an online form before placing an order. Legal entities will have to produce a Kbis excerpt dated less than three months and their status in their latest updated version as well as their certificate of registration with the social and tax agencies. Professionals practicing independently will have to provide an extract of registration to the repertory of the trades as well as a certificate of registration with the social and fiscal organizations. Legal entities and foreign independent professionals shall communicate the same information to the extent that they exist in their country of origin or any equivalent document. In order to combat fraud and money laundering and taking account of Tracfin’s annual activity reports, the seller will systematically request identification from any buyer of BTC and in all cases where the seller has suspicions within the meaning of Article L561-23 of the Monetary and Financial Code, the Monetary and Financial Code reserves the right to inform that authority. The seller reserves the right to ask the buyer for proof of identity and / or domicile dating less than three months. Any driver’s license requested by the seller for the purpose of proving the identity of the buyer must include a recent photographic identity. The seller reserves the right to refuse any account verification at his discretion.

2.GTC Application
These General Terms and Conditions govern the contracts for the online sale of cryptomonials offered for sale by Crypo-bank to any purchaser provided it is Major. They constitute, with the online order form or any other document in lieu thereof, the only contractual documents opposable to the Parties, to the exclusion of all other documents, prospectuses, catalogs or photographs of the cryptomata which have only indicative value , not contractual. These Terms and Conditions are applicable worldwide subject to the prior agreement of the Seller upon acceptance of the Order.

3.Language of contract
The General Terms and Conditions are written together with all the contractual information mentioned on the Dealer’s website in French.

4.Application of general conditions of sale – Opposability
The GCS are placed at the disposal of the buyer on the Website where they are directly searchable and can also be communicated to him on request by telephone, e-mail or postal mail, the coordinates of which are indicated at the end of the present GTS and in the prior to the conclusion of the contract. GTCs are binding on the buyer who acknowledges, by checking a box provided for this purpose on the page consulted by the latter on the Website of the seller, to have known and accepted them before placing an order. The validation of the Order automatically entails adhesion by the buyer to the CGV in force on the day of the Order, the preservation and reproduction of which are provided by the seller in accordance with article 1369-4 of the Civil Code reproduced below:

“Any person who proposes to provide, on a professional basis, by electronic means, the supply of goods or the provision of services shall make available the applicable contractual conditions in a manner that permits their preservation and reproduction. Without prejudice to the conditions of validity mentioned in the tender, its author remains committed by it as long as it is accessible electronically from its fact.

The offer further states:
1 ° The different steps to be followed to conclude the contract by electronic means;
2 ° Technical means enabling the user, prior to the conclusion of the contract, to identify the errors committed in the data entry and to correct them;
3 ° The languages ​​proposed for the conclusion of the contract;
4 ° In case of archiving of the contract, the terms and conditions of the archiving by the author of the offer and the conditions of access to the archived contract;
5 ° means of consulting electronically the professional and commercial rules to which the offeror intends to submit, if necessary.

5.Change of Terms
The seller reserves the right to modify his CGV at any time. In the event of modification of the GCS, the GTC applicable to the purchaser are those in force on the date of the Order of which a copy dated the day of its order can be delivered to the latter on simple request in writing from his part addressed to the seller. It is very strongly recommended that the buyer print the general conditions of sale in force on the day of the order, notwithstanding the rules of archiving implemented by the seller.

6.GTC Terms and Conditions
The nullity of a contractual clause does not invalidate the GTC. That is not the case with a clause determining the spirit of one of the Parties which led it to conclude the contract of sale. However, the nullity of a clause only entails the nullity of the GTCs only on condition that the buyer has mentioned in writing prior to the acceptance of the present GCS the decisive character of its commitment in relation to this clause. Temporary or permanent non-application of one or more clauses of the GCS by the seller shall not constitute waiver by the seller of its clauses and other clauses of the GCS which continue to have effect.

7.BTC Purchase
SPECIAL INFORMATION – SAFETY: the seller informs the buyer that the BTC is not a “currency” within the meaning of Article L.111-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code, which recognizes only the euro (€), alone legal tender. Nor does the BTC appear to meet the legal definition of “electronic money” within the meaning of Article L.315-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code. Consequently, and in the expectation that its legal status will be definitively established by the public authorities, the seller will draw the attention of the buyer to the fact that he can not guarantee, nor the durability of this “virtual currency” nor its value, which is fixed only in relation to the play of the supply and demand of investors. The seller recommends to the buyer not to convert his entire cash (cash in euro or other legal tender) into Bitcoin, given that the Bitcoin is volatile and may decline in a totally unpredictable way. The buyer must act with discretion and prudence by limiting his investment to the correlative loss he can financially bear without jeopardizing it. The seller further informs the buyer that although the creation of BTC is based on a system based on powerful algorithms, it does not exempt it from constant vigilance on its Bitcoin Portfolio. The seller recommends to the buyer, in order to preserve his confidentiality, and his security to use a new Bitcoin address when receiving a payment and never to communicate the private key of his Address Bitcoin which would communicate the secret code of his credit card. The buyer must make sure to secure his computer and telecommunications equipment to avoid the piracy of his personal data. As such, the buyer will ensure that he has in particular an antivirus and anti-spy constantly kept up to date and a firewall to preserve his security during the Transactions he carries out online. The seller declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of Bitcoin and / or any media containing them such as in particular, USB stick, hard disk, etc ….


8.1 Product Price Information and “Crypto currency”
The sale price of cryptomonials put up for sale by the seller, in accordance with article L.113-3 of the Consumer Code, is indicated on the Seller’s website, in euros, all taxes included, provided that VAT is applicable . The total amount due by the buyer is indicated on the confirmation page of the order. The price is indicated in euro, including VAT, if there is a VAT, except for any correction due to an error in displaying the price. No shipping and / or transport charges will be applied to the sale of BTC. In addition, the seller informs the buyer that the buyer retains to his exclusive charge telecommunications charges when accessing the Internet for any purchase made on the Seller’s website or in other marketing locations if he exist. The BTC is not subject to tax according to a decision of the CJEU dated 22 October 2015, case.C-264/14, Hedqvist).

8.2 Prices
The price is determined by the seller at the moment when the latter delivers the customer. Once the Transaction is completed, it is irreversible. In any case, the price displayed by the seller is the price in euro of BTC which the buyer wishes to acquire and which gives right to a certain quantity of BTC whose exchange rate is that in force at the time of delivery by the seller after payment of the buyer.


9.1 Legal Information
In accordance with the provisions of article L.121-17 of the French Consumer Code, which is reproduced hereafter in its new wording, resulting from the Hamon law n ° 2014-344 of 17 March 2014, and without prejudice to the provisions of article L.111-1 of the aforementioned Code, the seller informs the buyer of the informative content that must be presented by the offer of sale concluded at a distance to any purchaser Consumer:
“I. -For the conclusion of a contract for the sale or supply of services, the professional shall communicate in a legible and comprehensible manner to the consumer the following information: 1. The information provided for in Articles L. 111-1 and L. 111-2; Where the right of withdrawal can not be exercised in accordance with Article L. 121-21-8, information that the consumer does not benefit from this right or, where appropriate, the circumstances in which the consumer loses his right right of withdrawal; Information on the contact details of the professional, if any, the costs of using the remote communication technique, the existence of codes of good conduct, where applicable, guarantees and guarantees, termination, dispute resolution and other contractual conditions, the list and content of which are set by decree of the Conseil d’Etat. II.- If the professional has not complied with his information obligations concerning the additional costs mentioned in I of Article L. 113-3-1 and 3 ° of I of this article, the consumer is not payment of these costs. III.- The burden of proof concerning the fulfillment of the information requirements mentioned in this sub-section weighs on the professional “.
9.2. Recipient
Subject to acceptance of the buyer’s order (see Article 11.1 of these Terms and Conditions), the online offers on the Seller’s Website are made to any buyer worldwide.
9.3 Duration of the offer
The online offers on the Website are valid, in the absence of an indication of a particular duration, within the limit of available stocks.
9.4 Acceptance
Acceptance of the offer by the buyer is validated, in accordance with the double-click process, by the confirmation of the order under the conditions stipulated in article 11.1 of the present GTC


10. Order

10.1 Steps to conclude the contract
The conclusion of the contract is made directly on the Seller’s Website at the following address, “http://www.Bearsmarkets.com/”. The buyer who wishes to place an Order must follow the steps of validation of the Order according to the following process, from the account previously opened by the buyer via the tab entitled “Log in or register”:

  1. The buyer goes to the Seller’s Website at “http://www.Bearsmarkets.com/”;
  2. The buyer, if he does not already have an account, must click on the tab located at the top right of the homepage entitled “My account” (for this, just enter his address email (email or e-mail);
  3. Once the field dedicated to the mention of the e-mail address has been entered, the buyer must click on the tab entitled “create an account”: (then opens a page dedicated to the identification of the buyer such as last name, first name, e-mail address, password, date of birth, etc.) The fields marked with an asterisk must be completed by the buyer;
  4. When the identification form is completed, the buyer can create his account by clicking on the tab entitled “Register”: (a page opens and confirms that your account is created and allows you to view tabs on your account such as: add my first address, history and order details, addresses, personal information and affiliate program in particular)
  5. The buyer can then if he wishes to start buying Bitcoins from the Website by selecting the tab entitled “Buy bitcoins”;
  6. The buyer is directed to a page where the price history is displayed and the amount is chosen (an estimate of real-time bitcoins is then displayed);
  7. If the buyer decides to buy, and to be able to validate his trade, he must first provide proof of identity (identity document, passport driver’s license or residence permit) and its Bitcoin Address or Wallet address. No Orders can be made until the buyer has communicated his Bitcoin address. To communicate his address, the buyer must copy it into the rectangle “Address Bitcoin
  8. Once the buyer has clicked on the tab “Check my bitcoin address” he can then confirm the amount, the buyer is directed to the page on which appears his order summary;
  9. By clicking on “order”, the buyer is invited to read and accept these Terms by checking a box marked “I acknowledge having read and accept the terms and conditions of sale without reservations”;
  10. Once the GSC accepted, the buyer is directed to a page that summarizes his order and the amount of Bitcoin selected;
  11. The buyer then clicks on the tab at the bottom of the page titled “Order”;
  12. The buyer always has the possibility to modify his order especially in case of error by clicking on the button “Modify your cart” or “Cancel the order”;
  13. Once the Order has been modified, the buyer clicks on the button “Order with payment obligation” (double-click principle) being reminded that the buyer must have read and accepted the general conditions of sale by ticking the box ” I acknowledge having read and accept the general conditions of sale without reservations.

10.2 Modification of the Order
Once the order has been validated it can not be modified unless it is not yet delivered. Indeed, once the Transaction paid, it is irreversible.

10.3 Validation of the order
The seller reserves the right to refuse any Order for legitimate reasons and in particular, particularly if the quantities of Products ordered are abnormally high and / or if the seller suspects in particular a risk of fraud on the identity of the buyer ( See Article 11.1 of these GTCS).11.Contrat

11. Conclusion

The sale, Bitcoins or any other crypto currency is realized between the Parties when the buyer pays his order.
The identification verification of the payment, can be made before or after payment, if the payment is made before the customer agrees to provide any legible proof requested by the seller.

11.2 Proof
The archiving of communications, purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and lasting basis in accordance with article 1348 of the Civil Code. Such communications, purchase orders and invoices, in particular, shall be held as evidence of the contract by the seller. Generally speaking, any vendor computer document is evidenced between the Parties.


12.1 Right of withdrawal and purchase of BTC and / or any other crypto currency.
The purchase of Bitcoin or any other “crypto currency” does not give rise to a right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of article L.121-21-8 2 ° of the Consumer Code because it is, in accordance with the terms of the Act “the supply of goods or services the price of which depends on fluctuations in the financial market beyond the control of the trader and likely to occur during the withdrawal period”.

13.Resolution of contract

13.1 By the Purchaser:
The contract can be resolved by the buyer in case of: non-respect of the delivery time by the seller.
13.2 By the seller:
The contract can be resolved by the seller in the following cases:
1. Legitimate suspicion of the seller as to the true identity of the buyer;
2.No-payment of the price (or balance of the price).
In the event that the resolution of the contract arises from the failure to fulfill any of the obligations imposed on the buyer by virtue of the present GTC, the possible advance payment paid by the purchaser to the order would remain vested in the seller by way of indemnity, without prejudice to the right of the seller to claim the Product always sold subject to full payment of the price, as stated in Article 14.4 of these GTS.
Failure to provide identification documents may result in a total loss of management fees.


14.1 Terms of payment
The price is due in full at the time of validation of the Order. Payment is made immediately upon order by bank card, bank transfer, money order, neosurf or any other means of payment available.
14.2 Payment security
The Seller’s website is equipped with an online payment security system “3 D Secure Protocol” allowing the buyer to camouflage the transmission of his bank data, by encrypting data.


15.1 Delivery time
The delivery of BTC or any other crypto currency occurs within a minute after verification of the identity and means of payment of the buyer. In any event, all deliveries must take place at the latest within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the contract in accordance with Article L.138-1 of the Consumer Code.
15.2 Delay in delivery
Any delay in delivery exceeding THIRTY (30) clear days and not due to Force Majeure may result in the buyer’s resolution of the sale. In such a case, the buyer may resolve the contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by writing in another durable medium if, after having ordered the seller to make the delivery or to provide the service within a reasonable period of time, the latter did not execute within that period. The contract shall be deemed to have been resolved upon receipt by the seller of the letter or writing informing him of this resolution, unless the seller has executed himself in the meantime.
15.3 Terms of delivery
The cryptomonials are delivered to the address indicated by the buyer when the order has been completed online beforehand by the buyer when ordering. Any change of address must be notified in writing to the seller by the buyer as soon as possible so that no error of delivery results. Any change of address which has not been notified in writing to the seller shall not entail any liability on the part of the seller. Any complaint of error of delivery must be made by the buyer to the seller on the day scheduled for delivery or the first working day at the latest following the day scheduled for delivery.


16.1 Disclaimer of Liability
The seller can not be held liable in the event of non-fulfillment or improper performance of the contract due either to the fact of the buyer or to Force Majeure.
The Seller declines any responsibility, due to the sale of Bitcoin or any other crypto currency, the buyer being duly warned of the risks associated with the Transactions carried out via this Virtual Coin. The seller can not guarantee:

the sustainability of the Bitcoin system;
the stability of the exchange parity of Bitcoin, due to its unpredictable fluctuations due to the play of the law of supply and demand of investors;
the loss of Bitcoin by the system, in any way, including through the Hackers misappropriating the system;
the negligence of the buyer in the event of his disclosure of his private key of his Wallet bitcoin, Address Bitcoin or his Bitcoin Wallet;
the reimbursement of Bitcoin or their counterparty in any other legally valid currency in the event of Bitcoin’s loss for any reason whatsoever and in particular without this enumeration being exhaustive, piracy of the user’s personal data by the technical malfunctions of the Bitcoin network for any reason whatsoever, the loss of the computer medium containing them, such as hard disks, tablet, smartphone, burglary, theft, extortion, violence, fraud or any other criminal offenses that contribute to the loss of Bitcoin.

16.2 Penal Clause
In all cases of non-fulfillment of its obligations by the buyer, the deposit paid to the Order will remain vested to the seller as compensation, without prejudice to any other and in particular the claim of the Product.

17.Solvolution clause

The resolution of the Order by the seller in the event of violation of any of its obligations by the buyer as resulting from the present GTC will be pronounced by simple registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and will be acquired in full without legal formality, at the first presentation of the registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the buyer.

18.Intellectual property

The elements reproduced on the Website of the seller at the address “http://www.Bearsmarkets.com” constituted notably of photographs, visuals, texts, drawings, logos and images, are the exclusive property of the seller and are protected by copyright, trademark law and / or patent law. Any reproduction and / or dissemination of these elements without the prior written permission of Crypo-bank exposes the offenders to legal proceedings.

19.Personal information

The collection of personal data, their use for the processing of Orders and the creation of customer files and their dissemination to third parties responsible for the execution and payment of Orders, is subject to the consent of the person concerned. The processing of the nominative data, which are kept by Crypto-bank for the sole purpose of a good administration of Orders and commercial relations, is the subject of a declaration with the National Commission of Data Processing and Freedoms. The buyer has at all times the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data concerning.

20.Regulations of disputes

20.1 Mediation
The seller informs the buyer that he has the right to an effective and free recourse to a device of mediation of the consumption by seizing the Ombudsman of the Electronic Communications whose details are specified below in accordance with the combined provisions of articles L156-1 and R156-1 of the Consumer Code literally and completely reproduced below:
“Every professional communicates to the consumer, in a manner determined by decree of the Conseil d’Etat, the contact details of the competent mediator (s) to which he / she belongs. The trader is also obliged to provide the same information to the consumer once a dispute has not been resolved in the context of a prior complaint directly filed with his services “.
“In accordance with Article L. 156-1, the professional shall communicate to the consumer the contact details of the consumer mediator (s) to which he / she belongs, by entering this information in a visible and legible form on his website, sale or service, on its purchase orders or on any other suitable medium. It also mentions the address of the website of the mediator (s).

20.2 Territorial jurisdiction In the absence of a friendly settlement and for any dispute relating to these GCS, the competent court will be that of the domicile of the defendant or the place of actual delivery of the Product. In accordance with the provisions of L.141-5 of the Consumer Code reproduced below the buyer provided that he is a Consumer has several options:
Article L.141-5 of the Consumer Code: “In addition to one of the territorially competent jurisdictions under the Code of Civil Procedure, the consumer may seize the jurisdiction of the place where he remained at the time of conclusion of the contract. contract or the occurrence of the harmful event “.
These provisions do not apply to the non-Consumer buyer. In the latter case, the courts of the city of Paris alone shall be competent.

OWNERSHIP OF SITE : Bearsmarkets is the Trading Name operated by Danha Solutions KFT a company incorporated under the laws of Hungary and having its registered office in Lechner Odon Fasor 9. Budapest Hungary. Regulation Number : 26527866241


Privacy Policy

 1. By accessing, visiting and/or using this Website or any other webpage thereon, you unequivocally and unreservedly express your binding agreement to any and all of these terms.

  1. Protecting your privacy is one of our top priorities. This privacy policy sets out how we collect information regarding Website users, what we may do with it, and what you can do to protect your privacy.
  2. This policy applies to all information collected to or submitted on Website. You may be able to execute financial transactions, make requests, submit data, register to receive materials, etc. Types of personal information that may be collected on Website include user’s name, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, bank account, credit card number, etc., whether pertaining to yourself, or to third parties, where you act on behalf of any such party. Information from various sources may be combined by Website. You may update part of your personal information from time to time by accessing your Site account and act according to the “updating your information” instructions therein. You hereby confirm that you aware to the fact that due to legal requirements some of your information detailed cannot be changed.
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  5. In order to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.
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  8. We do not store or keep Credit card detail information.
  9. This privacy policy may be changed from time to time. We reserve the right, at any time, to amend, alter, modify or change, as we see fit, any term of this Privacy Policy our without any prior notice, and you hereby agree to conform to the current version as published in this site.



We collect and receive Personal Information pertaining to traders. This occurs due to the fact that, as part of the service, we may provide hosting services for some or all of the services, resulting in trader-related Personal Information being routed to us from our production servers. We also collect and receive Personal Information relating to certain employees of our clients for the purposes of communication with us and the general provision of the Service.

The service may also use “cookies” and other tracking technologies to collect Anonymous Information. A “cookie” is a small text file that may be used, for example, to collect information about service activity and it may serve to recall Personal Information previously indicated by a trader, such as his/her user ID and password for access to the service(s).


We will store your Personal Information in our system and use it for the following purposes only:

Managing the administrative aspects of the services, providing you with support, handling complaints and contacting you;

Handling your orders;

Enforcing this Policy and the Terms and Conditions, preventing misuse of the Website, complying with legal requirements, assisting competent authorities, and taking action in case of a dispute involving you, with respect to the service we provide;

Improving the Website and the services, develop new services and improve the accuracy and reliability of the services;

We do not sell, license, lease or otherwise disclose Personal Information to any third party for any reason, except as described above. We reserves the right to disclose your personal information to third parties where required by law to regulatory, law enforcement or other government authorities. We may also disclose your information as necessary to credit reporting or collection agencies, or when necessary to protect our rights or property in accordance with the applicable law.

To help us improve our services to you, we may engage in another related business to help us carry out certain internal functions such as account processing, fulfillment, client service, deliver and safe keeping as indicated in the Terms and Conditions.

Use of the information shared is strictly limited to the performance of the task we request and for no other purpose. All third parties with whom we share personal information is required to protect personal information in a manner similar to the way we protect personal information and in accordance with the new EU data protection regulations (“GDPR”), if applicable. Examples of private information shared are identifying information such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and information on account activity.

If at any time you choose to purchase a product or service offered by another company/individual, any personal information you share with it will no longer be controlled under our Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of sites we link to and we have no control of the use or protection of information provided by you or collected by those sites. Whenever you elect to link to a co-branded web site or to a linked Web site, you may be asked to provide registration or other information. Please note that the information you are providing is going to a third party, and you should familiarize yourself with the privacy policy published by that third party.

In the event you that will choose to obtain part or all of your stored private information from our data base, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) in the following email: [email protected]

OWNERSHIP OF SITE : Bearsmarkets is the Trading Name operated by Danha Solutions KFT a company incorporated under the laws of Hungary and having its registered office in Lechner Odon Fasor 9. Budapest Hungary. Regulation Number : 26527866241



Know your customer policies have become increasingly important on a worldwide basis,especially among banks and other financial institutions, in order to prevent identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud and terrorist activity.

Bears Markets holds a zero tolerance fraud policy, and is taking all measures possible to prevent it. Any fraudulent activity will be documented and all accounts related to it will be immediately closed. All funds in these accounts will be forfeited.


Bears Markets aims to ensure the integrity of any sensitive data it obtains, such as your account information and the transactions you make, using a variety of security measures and fraud controls. Securing your electronic transactions requires us to be provided with certain data from you, including your preferred deposit method.

When you deposit funds we will require the following documents:

  • a copy of your valid passport with the signature page;
  • copies of your credit cards, used to make the deposit (Front side with only the 4 last digits visible, back side with the CVV covered);
  • a copy of a recent utility bill in your name and address;
  • a signed purchase history of your online transactions with us

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support: [email protected]

When do I need to provide these documents?

We highly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with all the necessary documents as soon as you can, in order to avoid any delays in processing your transactions. We require the receipt of all the necessary documents prior to making any cash transactions from your account.

Some circumstances may require us to request these documents before allowing any other activities in your account, such as deposits or trades.

Please note that if we do not receive the required documents on file, your pending withdrawals will be cancelled and credited back to your trading account. We will notify you of such an event via our system.

How can I send you these documents?

Please scan your documents, or take a high quality digital camera picture, save the images as jpegs, then send it to us via mail to [email protected]

How do I know my documents are safe with you?

Bears Markets holds the security of documentation at the highest priority, and treats all documents it receives with utmost respect and confidentiality. All files we obtain are fully protected using the highest possible level of encryption at every step of the review process.

OWNERSHIP OF SITE : Bearsmarkets is the Trading Name operated by Danha Solutions KFT a company incorporated under the laws of Hungary and having its registered office in Lechner Odon Fasor 9. Budapest Hungary. Regulation Number : 26527866241



Bears Markets does not tolerate money laundering and supports the fight against money launderers. Bears Markets follows the guidelines set by the Vanuatu’s Joint Money Laundering Steering Group. The intergovernmental body whose purpose is to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

Bears Markets now has policies in place to deter people from laundering money. These policies include:

• ensuring clients have valid proof of identification;

• maintaining records of identification information;

• determining that clients are not known or suspected terrorists by checking their names against lists of known or suspected terrorists;

• informing clients that the information they provide may be used to verify their identity;

• closely following clients’ money transactions;

• not accepting cash, money orders, third party transactions, exchange houses transfers or Western Union transfers.

Money laundering occurs when funds from an illegal/criminal activity are moved through the financial system in such a way as to make it appear that the funds have come from legitimate sources.

Money Laundering usually follows three stages:

• firstly, cash or cash equivalents are placed into the financial system;

• secondly, money is transferred or moved to other accounts (e.g. futures accounts) through a series of financial transactions designed to obscure the origin of the money (e.g. executing trades with little or no financial risk or transferring account balances to other accounts);

• and finally, the funds are re-introduced into the economy so that the funds appear to have come from legitimate sources (e.g. closing a futures account and transferring the funds to a bank account).

Trading accounts are one vehicle that can be used to launder illicit funds or to hide the true owner of the funds. In particular, a trading account can be used to execute financial transactions that help obscure the origins of the funds.

Bears Markets directs fund withdrawals back to the original source of remittance, as a preventative measure.

International Anti-Money Laundering requires financial services institutions to be aware of potential money laundering abuses that could occur in a customer account and implement a compliance program to deter, detect and report potentially suspicious activity.

These guidelines have been implemented to protect Bears Markets and its clients.

OWNERSHIP OF SITE : Bearsmarkets is the Trading Name operated by Danha Solutions KFT a company incorporated under the laws of Hungary and having its registered office in Lechner Odon Fasor 9. Budapest Hungary. Regulation Number : 26527866241


Deposit And Withdrawal Policy

Trading in any investment opportunity that may generate profit requires BearsMarkets customers to deposit money on their online account. Profits may be withdrawn from the online account.
Deposits and withdrawals are regulated by this WD policy as well as the generally applicable terms and conditions.



You, the Client, have to perform all the deposits from a source (e.g. single bank account). If you want to start trading, you should make sure this account is in your country of residence and in your name. In order to certify that a SWIFT confirmation is authentic, it has to be sent to BearsMarkets to confirm the origin of the money which will be used for trading. If you don’t comply with this WD policy, you may be prevented from depositing the money via Bank/Wire Transfer. Please allow up to 5 business days for the deposited funds via Bank/Wire Transfer to appear on your trading account. If you did not login and traded from your account within six (6) months (“Dormant Account”), your Dormant Account will be subject to a deduction of 10 % each month (the “Dormant Fee”).



According to generally acceptable AML rules and regulations, withdrawals must be performed only through the same bank account or credit/debit card that you used to deposit the funds.

Unless we agree otherwise, withdrawals from the Account may only be made in the same currency in which the respective deposit was made.

In addition, when you deposit or withdraw money for trading purposes using alternative payment methods, you should be aware that additional fees and restrictions may apply. Withdrawals are subjected to withdrawals processing and handling fees. Those fees will be deducted from the transferred withdrawn amount. The fees schedule is available on Bears Markets

Without derogating of the foregoing, Bears Markets may execute withdrawals to a different facility than the one used for the deposit, subject to Anti Money-Laundering regulations.

Furthermore, when it comes to withdrawals, Client may be required to present additional information and documents.


Withdrawals Fees

Withdrawals will be charged a transaction fee of the following:

50.00 USD/GBP/EURO for wire transfers; 25.00 USD/GBP/EURO for credit cards plus a processing fee of 10.00 USD/7.00 EUR/5.00 GBP; 25.00 USD/GBP/EURO for ePayments. A levy of 10% of the withdrawal amount will be charged to any withdrawal from an account that has not executed more than 200 in turnover and/or from accounts that have not been verified.

Minimum withdrawal for wire transfers is 250.00 USD/GBP/EURO. Minimum withdrawal on any other method is 100.00 USD/GBP/EURO. Note that these charges exclude the transaction fee imposed; for instance, if a minimum of $250 is to be withdrawn by bank wire transfer, a transaction fee of $50 will be charged.

Fees may change depends on the processing system and/or Bears Markets.


Non-Deposited Funds

Funds appearing on Clients’ account may include agreed or voluntary bonuses and incentives, or any other sums not directly deposited by the Client or gained from trading on account of actually deposited funds (“Non-Deposited Funds”). Please note unless otherwise explicitly agreed, Non-Deposited Funds are not available for withdrawal. Further, due to technical limitations, Non-Deposited Funds may be assigned to Client’s account in certain occasions (for example, for the technical purpose of allowing the closing of positions or an indebted account).

Without derogating from the abovementioned, bonuses issued to Client by BearsMarkets may only be withdrawn subject to execution of a minimum trading volume of 25 times the deposit amount plus the bonus issued (“Minimum Trading Volume“).


Submitting A Withdrawal Request

In order to process your withdrawal request, you must:

• Open a withdrawal request from client area.

• All compliance documentation must have been received and approved by Bears markets compliance officer in order to proceed with the withdrawal.

• Beneficiary Name must match the name on the trading account. Requests to transfer funds to third party will not be processed.



Typical Withdrawal Processing Time

The time it takes for the money to reach your credit card or bank account that has been used to deposit funds may vary (usually up to five business days). Note that it might take longer for withdrawals to bank accounts due to the additional security procedures in force.

The request will generally be processed by Bears Markets within 4-7 business days of receipt. In order to avoid any delays please review your information carefully before submitting your request. Bears Markets assumes no responsibility for errors or inaccuracies made by the account holder. Corresponding withdrawals will take 4 to 7 business days to process. Bears Markets cannot monitor and is not responsible in any way for the Client’s Credit Card Company or bank’s internal procedures. Client must follow up with the credit card or respective bank independently.

Funds are released to your credit account once your credit card merchant has debited the funds from our account. This process may take up to 5 business days or more to reflect on your credit card account balance. If you do not have online access to your credit card, it should appear on the next billing statement(s) depending on your card’s billing cycle.

Please note clearly that we are not committed to any time frame and that any additional charges imposed by third parties shall be deducted from the deposit or the withdrawal, as applicable.

Additional Charges: If the receiving bank uses an intermediary bank to send/receive funds, you may incur additional fees charged by the intermediary bank. These charges are usually placed for transmitting the wire for your bank. Bears Markets is not involved with and nor has any control over these additional fees. Please check with your financial institution for more information.


Credit/Debit Cards

For Credit card deposits, when you choose an account in a different currency than USD (United States Dollar), your credit card will be debited properly in accordance with amount deposited and the applicable exchange rates. In addition to the exchanged sum deposited, additional credit cards fees may apply (as a result, in such cases you may notice discrepancies between the sum of deposit and the sum charged on your credit card). Customers must accept these slight variations that can occur and won’t try to charge this back.

If you have used a credit card to deposit money, performed online trading and decide to cash in on your winnings, the same credit card must be used.

Amount of withdrawal per credit card is only allowable to an equal amount of money deposited per credit card or less. Greater amounts must be wire-transferred to a bank account.



Your Account may comprise of different currencies. These will be subject to the following conditions:

We may accept payments into the account in different currencies and any payments due to or from us and any net balances on the account shall be reported by us in the respective currency; The account is maintained in US Dollars, Euro or GB Pounds (“Base Currencies”) and any other currency will be converted at the exchange rate existing at the point of conversion

(“Exchange Rate”); if the Client send funds in another currency than his account’s currency, we will apply an exchange rate to our discretion.


Additional Conditions

Please note this policy cannot be exhaustive, and additional conditions or requirements may apply at any time due to regulations and policies, including those set in order to prevent money laundering. Please note any and all usage of the site and services is subject to the Terms and Conditions, as may be amended from time to time by capmbeu, at its sole discretion.


A full refund is available in the happening of a cancellation of an event. Requests for refunds must be to the attention Business Administration Department, with the name and date of the event, the amount of the purchase, and submitted in emailed to [email protected]